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A website for the reviews and recommendations of all books and of course those enigmatic, captivating, incredible, ‘I-can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head Books’.
Louisa’s Reviews showcases my love of reading and my love of books that are powerfully captivating and instigate thought. Especially those books that you cannot stop thinking about long after they have been read, and the ones that you want to read again and again, because that are just that beautifully written.

five-starsStar Ratings:
5 Stars – INCREDIBLE! I loved it immensely. Fantastically written book that I would read again and highly recommend to all. It would be added to my ‘Favourites List’.
4 Stars –  I LOVED IT. It was well written and I would read it again.
3 Stars – LIKED IT.
2 Stars – IT WAS OKAY. There were definitely elements missing or it was difficult to read at  times.
1 Star – DID NOT LIKE IT. I did not finish or I could not connect with the Characters or the  plot.

NOTE: I have never rated a book (including ARCs) below 3 Stars. If for any reason I did not like any elements of the plot or could not connect with the story enough to complete it, I will not post a review on my blog.

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