ARC Review: The Arrangement 9 – H.M WARD

The Arrangement 9  By H.M WARD
ARC provided by Author – Special thanks to H.M WARD

The Arrangement 9 continues where instalment 8 left off, with he huge shock that left me with a gasp – the Cowboy’s identity was revealed and completely unexpected. With the 8th instalment we were immersed within Avery’s life as she begins to rapidly drown in the consequences of her choices and this new lifestyle she is part of.  Arrangement 9 is no different, as Avery suddenly becomes in danger of losing more than just her heart and Sean.

We follow Avery, as realises she can no longer live without the gorgeous and damaged man and plans to allow him back in, accepting the possibilities of a perfect life. There are dangers unbeknownst to her, as someone sinister threatens what is left of her brittle world. And Avery may have just put herself in even more danger by unknowingly breaking the rules implemented as a call girl.

This is one of my favourite series at the moment and I feel it’s fair to say that I am now so impatient to find out what will be next in the Arrangement 10, for Avery and Sean.

I loved how the secondary characters have a little more light shed on them in part 9, particularly Marty. The plot is just as well structured and interestingly intense as Arrangements 1-8. The writing also instigates many emotions in this angst filled story, and leaves you questioning the decisions of these characters. It also leaves you laughing out loud with the quirky humour expertly weaved throughout.

H.M Ward is a mean soul, creating such addictive characters, compelling plot, and a story that rivals many of the dominant male driven novels out there today. The conclusion to the Arrangement 9 is just as consuming and will leave you feeling bereft and eagerly awaiting the next part! I highly recommend this series to all avid reads of romance!

4.5 stars

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