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 Mikalo’s Fate By Syndra K. Shaw
Expected Release: July 26th

 Book Synopsis 

“The dream is coming true in this, Mikalo’s Fate, the third installment in Syndra K. Shaw’s story of Ronan and Mikalo.

 After escaping the memory of her failed first marriage and allowing herself to love again, Ronan is finally walking down the aisle with Mikalo Delis, her Greek god in grey wool. But once in Greece, Ronan discovers that not all is as it appears to be with the Delis clan, their judgement and mistrust of her surrounding her every move. Then disaster strikes, an event so shocking it rips Mikalo’s family apart, Ronan’s dream quickly dying.

 Her life with her beloved hanging in the balance, Ronan learns the only thing standing between her and “I do” is a surprise visit from a love lost long ago. But will it be enough? Or will she return to the States alone, her heart once again breaking as yet another love dies?”


Character Bios

Ronan Grace — Not skinny, not jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and doing her best on a daily basis to bury the past, resigned to never find that mythical thing called True Love, Ronan is all of us.  But when she meets this almost too good to be true Greek stranger, everything changes.  Despite logic, she finds herself hoping.  Despite fear, she finds herself trusting.  And despite past disasters, she finds herself in love.  And now with her “I do”s to Mikalo only days away, Ronan finds herself believing, hoping against hope, that there could really be a Happily Ever After.

Mikalo Delis — Ronan’s “Greek god in grey wool”, Mikalo Delis is deliciously gorgeous, unfailingly polite, ruthlessly honest, and ridiculously rich.  Tall and lean, muscular and sexy, his dark hair thick with a bit of a curl, his eyes even darker, he stole Ronan’s heart the moment she saw him.  And he is absolutely besotted with her, eager to make her his, but insisting whatever love they have be done with honesty and full-disclosure, open to her secrets even though he’s hiding a few of his own, and willing to fight for her, even if it’s against a family he loves.

Deni Dollisandro — Blonde, gorgeous, married to an incredibly successful man and living at a coveted address on Park Avenue, Deni is Ronan’s best friend.  More like family, they’ve known, trusted, and loved each other too many years to count.  Marking time in a marriage that stopped working long ago, Deni is, without doubt, Ronan’s chief supporter and #1 B.S. checker, always willing to call Ronan on her sh*t and bring her back to reality.  But now suddenly facing an unexpected divorce, the possibility that she could lose everything she’s been surrounded by for years, Deni finds herself taking the first steps to discovering who she really is and creating a life that brings her true happiness.

Nona — Very Greek, very tied to tradition, the undisputed, powerful matriarch of the vast Delis clan, Nona Delis is Mikalo’s grandmother.  To call her formidable is an understatement.  And she is most definitely against Mikalo marrying this American he met only months ago.  But is her reluctance based on just that?  Or is there more to the story, her own past driving her unwillingness to allow Mikalo and Ronan their wedding bliss?

Damen Katsaros — Dark-haired, sapphire blue eyes, a square jaw, and a disarming smile, Damen is Mikalo’s lifelong best friend.  And between his naturally sweet disposition and chiseled muscles — muscles earned under a broiling sun and in clouds of dust –, he’s quite a catch.  An alpha male if there ever was one, he’s driven, impatient, passionate, curious, not afraid to disagree, and more than a little afraid to truly fall in love.  But by the time Ronan and Mikalo say their “I do”s, he’ll be wrestling with the impossible, his heart no longer his own as he stumbles into the emotional mess called True Love.


18 + Readers only please!

“You are not dreaming,” Mikalo now said, his voice almost a whisper, the words caressing the back of my neck.

“I’m awake,” I said.

He shifted, pulling me into him, and then sighed.

“I am still in sleep,” he mumbled.

“It’s early.”

“Mmmm …”

His arm slowly moved from my chest, the palm briefly grazing my breasts, the hand sliding down my stomach, his fingers slipping lower to rest on my naked warmth.

He kissed the back of my neck as his hands pushed their way past my legs, opening me to him, his fingertips gently, oh so gently, rubbing me into wetness.

I sighed, closing my mind to the thoughts of my family as I opened myself to him.

He responded, pushing deep, one finger becoming two, his lips moving from my neck to my shoulder, his hardness pressing against me.

My head turned, my tongue seeking his.

We found each other, my legs now spread wide as I laid on my back.

He moaned as I reached out, my fist discovered him, my fingers wrapping around his width.  I gently pulled him near, silently imploring him inside.

But he ignored me, his lips on mine, his fingers diving deep, retreating and rubbing gently only to dive deep once again.

I took my mouth from his, burying my nose in his hair as he dipped low to suck my neck.  My fist still stroked him, he still rubbed and teased, my hips now pushing myself into him, willing his fingers deeper.

He took his lips from my neck.

“Marry me, my Grace,” he whispered.

“Yes,” I said, my breath against his lips.

His fingers withdrew, rubbing, teasing, torturing.

“Be my wife.”

“Yes,” I repeated.

His lips were on me again, his tongue pushing past my teeth as I lifted my hips, desperate for him inside me.  My fist still stroked, my palm growing wet from his excitement.

“Be mine forever,” he then said, his breath growing ragged as his excitement grew, the realization that we had this, this intimacy, this togetherness, this heat, for the rest of our lives.

“Oh yes,” I said quickly, my lips reaching for his.


“Yes,” I repeated, my hips now with a mind of their own as his fingers plunged deep.

“My love?” he asked.


“My heart.”


“My Grace … ” he began.

My fist grew wet as he throbbed, his heat running down my arm and onto my leg as his excitement hit its peak, Mikalo burying his face in my throat, his gasps and groans and whimpers and sighs spilling onto my neck.

His fingers continued their delicious assault, my own blessed chaos drawing near.

“Mikalo … ” I whimpered.

He lifted his face, pressing himself close, his eyes watching mine.

“My love,” he said.

I gasped as the first wave hit, my hips off the bed as his fingers cruelly stopped, holding me at bay.

“Yes,” he whispered, the word hot against my lips as he moved closer, encouraging me, urging me on, relishing my orgasm as much as I was.

His fingers moved again.

The second wave arrived, stealing my breath.

The fingers retreated to rub and tease, gently, lovingly.

My hips returned to the bed.

“Yes,” he said again, his lips kissing me before his head returned to the pillow, the smell of our sex lingering in my nose as I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.


Author Profile:

Would you guess the quiet girl sitting in the corner of the cafe would write steamy romance?  That behind her rather conservative skirts and jackets and the no-fuss-wash-and-wear haircut is someone who’s creating true love and heartbreak, earth shattering orgasms and heartache? Well, that’d be me.  Mikalo’s Grace was my first book, Mikalo’s Flame my second.  Mikalo’s Fate is coming up soon (Summer 2013) and, after that, I’ll be releasing a companion series.  More books will follow, I’m sure. And, still, I’ll do what I do and let the world pass me by, completely unaware of the smoldering volcano of lust bubbling in their midst. Born in France, educated in England, Syndra K. Shaw now lives very quietly in Paris and New York.

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