Summer Fling By Chloe Harrison, Helen Cooper, Jessica Wood, J.S. Cooper, Suzi Case
ARC provided by Authors


The Promise of Tomorrow by J. S. Cooper (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

Lucy and Nick were two kids from opposite sides of the tracks. They became best friends and lovers and promised that nothing would ever break them up. But sometimes promises don’t always last, or do they?

Love Across the Atlantic
by Jessica Wood (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

Just a few days before Alex left for London to study abroad for the summer, she meets and falls for Nathan—the overly-confident, yet endearing guy that every other girl seems to want. Will the long distance ruin Alex’s chances of a relationship with Nathan, or will Alex and Nathan develop a blossoming love across the Atlantic. 

Confessions of an Online Dater
by Chloe Harrison (Chick Lit)

As part of a bet, Anna spends her summer going on countless dates to prove that there are no dateable guys online. After 39 disastrous dates with guys who have cat obsessions, performance issues, and facial hair issues, she starts to call these guys, The Undateables, and believes that she will win the bet. Then she meets Jack, who seems at first to be another Undateable. But will Anna’s date with Jack be another disaster, or will Jack be the one to cause Anna to lose the bet?

Summer Loving by Helen Cooper (Erotic Romance)

Jess is devastated when her boyfriend Zak dumps her right before her summer vacation with her best friends. She decides that the best way to get even is to have a one-night stand, only she may have picked the one man, that could make her life even more uncomfortable.

We Meet Again by Suzi Case (Chick Lit)

Gemma goes from odd job to odd job hoping to make ends meet. She struggles to keep her cool as the same obnoxious and handsome man keeps showing up as she fails each job disastrously. 


Summer fling is a refreshing anthology comprised of 5 short stories that explore rekindled love, heartbreak, unexpected new love and passion. The stories are concise and fulfilling; if only at times you wish they would simply not end. This little anthology was full of surprising and impactful stories.

J.S. Cooper’s The Promise of Tomorrow, was an unexpected and endearing tale that tugs at the heart strings and explores some heavy issues. In contrast Jessica Wood’s Love Across the Atlantic was a gorgeous, addictive, New Adult tale of love from a distance and college life. Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison, was a hilarious tale of the unexpectedness that can ensue from online dating adventures, while Summer Loving by Helen Cooper was a steamy tale of a heart broken young woman who discovers the perks of hedonism. We Meet Again by Suzi Case is the final story in the anthology. This was another hilarious tale, detailing a young woman’s struggles with employment in the tough economy and how it leads to the unexpected encounters with a quite persistent and attractive individual.

What I truly adored about this anthology was the contrasting array of genres it contained. There is New Adult, Chick Lit and Erotic Romance. It was a refreshing bundle of a read that will no doubt leave you craving to read more. In all honesty, Summer Fling did leave me feeling quite bereft and not ready at all for each story to end.

I highly recommend this book as the perfect summer read nonetheless. It is light and provides the ultimate escapism for its duration. This is a book that you could quite happily devour in one sitting.

4 Stars

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