Being Me – Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me (Book 2 : Inside Out Trilogy) – Lisa Renee Jones
*ARC Provided by NetGalley and special thanks to Lisa Renee Jones.

The moment I began reading this book, I just knew I was going to fall in love with this suspenseful series all over again – And of course, Chris Merit.

Being Me resumes where If I Were You abruptly finished, with that awful, gut-wrenching cliff-hanger, where a terrified Sara is trapped in Rebecca’s storage Unit. It delves straight back into Sara’s relentless search for Rebecca and any more information that can lead her to the young woman. New developments into Rebecca’s disappearance are revealed, through supporting characters, and specific journal entries divulged throughout Being Me. The suspense level is also increased, as unknown threats and dangers lurk around Sara, and the journey of Sara and her deepening relationship with Chris is explored further. What i really loved about Being Me was the level of depth Jones adds to these characters as they develop before you, especially Chris. The guarded, reserved, and enigmatic Artist opens up and reveals more hidden elements of his character, and what is revealed is a gentle, yet passionate man who is also very broken and fragile. There is a lot of suspense, passion, and angst within Being Me.
Being Me does leave you feeling bereft and deep in thought about what is next for Chris and Sara, and if their relationship can survive anymore after the already tumultuous journey it has taken them on. While questions are answered, there are a lot more raised in Being Me.
Readers also get a special sneak peek at the final instalment of the Trilogy Revealing Us. I absolutely love this book and the entire series. It is an intelligently written, and captivating series that you should definitely read.
It is going to be another long wait until September 10!


Being Me will be released in both EBook and Paperback June 11
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Purchase Link to Book 1: If I Were You:



Revealing Us Release Date: September 10
Pre-Order Link:




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