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“Are you real?” He whispered, brushing up my face with the back of his fingers in a cherishing caress. “Because I’ll want you forever.”

What can one say about a series that encapsulates a strong female protagonist and equally strong male hero, both who are broken but together heal one another in many ways? Personally, this is my favourite kind of story and this was an incredible instalment in the story of Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett.

Eyes Wide Open resumes where All In has left off, we are following Ethan and Brynne as they make a secluded get away from the craziness and threats that surround them both in London. While Naked was told from Brynne’s perspective and All In from Ethan’s, Eyes Wide Open is written from the perspective of both protagonists. The alternating perspectives between both Brynne and Ethan feels somewhat crucial to the story this time.
Throughout the course of the book the threats against both Brynne and Ethan escalate and they soon realise it is not only just their lives at risk. There are new revelations surrounding just who is after Brynne and why, we are also introduced to new characters. The thing I love most about this series is the intensity of Ethan’s love for Brynne. He may appear as a very stern man, but Ethan Blackstone’s character can literally melt your heart.

Favourite quote:
‘It always amazed me at how easy it was to carry her. I knew why. It was because she carried my heart with her wherever she went. My heart was in her hands, and carrying her was some form of self-preservation, maybe. Holding her, holding me up. I couldn’t explain it , but I understood it. Made perfect sense to me.’

Book three in the series really has a bit of everything. There is suspense, as the stakes are raised and there is a lot more to lose for both Brynne and Ethan than they could have ever expected. There is also heartbreak, and the reader gains a little more insight into the torment Ethan suffered during his time in captivity. The anticipation as to what will be next for these two characters is left wide open, and you can tell there is much more left for Raine Miller to explore. This was another fantastic read by Raine Miller, and I cannot wait for more Ethan Blackstone.
5 stars!




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