Lana – R.K Lilley

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A quick Review, for a quick little read.

I am a huge fan of R.K Lilley’s books. The Up In the Air series, is by far one of my favourites, so naturally when I found out that Lana had her own Novella I was ecstatic! Lana takes place just before the Epilogue in Grounded. We are reintroduced to Lana, the stunning workaholic, who has lived lonely and heartbroken after her first love Akira did not reciprocate her feelings. Returning back to Hawaii on business, she both feels fear and excited anticipation at the prospect of running into him. It was a perfect little story that quickly examines the relationship and bonds that have tied Lana and Akira together for all these years. The electricity between these characters was off the charts. This is a novella, and despite the fact that I knew this, I still could not help but crave for it to be longer. It was captivating and a quick read that could be polished off within a couple of well spent hours.

4 Stars


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