Thoughtless – S.C Stephens

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I came across this book soon after finishing Jamie McGuire’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’. It was recommended to me as being a book filled with “intense” and “angst-y” romance. I don’t think I was quite prepared for the intensity and angst riddled heartbreak and emotional rollercoaster this book would take me on. It was however, a ride I am so glad I went on.

The moment I began reading this book, I could literally not put it down (I finished it in one night – during the cold twilight hours of an approaching dawn). Stephens immediately captivates you with the sweet simplistic Kiera and the warm hearted Australian Denny. Immediately Kiera is a likable character. She is kind. And she is deeply in love with Denny. Moving her entire life across America to Seattle for Denny, Kiera lives comfortably, complacent, in a safe little bubble with her adoring, thoughtful boyfriend…That is until unforseen circumstances force the couple apart for the first time, leaving Kiera alone in an unfamiliar city.
….Okay que the incredible sexy and intense Kellan Kyle. Right away Kellan is sweet and supportive towards Kiera and the pair’s growing emotional and physical attachment develops into something more while Denny is away.

I have to admit that there were moments in this book where I just wanted to throw it across the room and chastise both Kiera and Kellan for the vindictive games they played, as well as Denny. But ultimately the reader should be warned in advance, Stephens is not telling a cookie-cutter romance tale of a pair of lovers who meet at the wrong time. She tells a very raw, realistic story of a love triangle that leaves devastating repercussions and betrayal of all those involved.

I fell in love with this book immediately; it is full of passion, angst, and heartbreak. It is a beautifully written book, and a definite MUST READ.

5 Stars


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